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About Me

Earned my Jewelry Repair, Design, and Fabrication course diploma and Gemology degrees at NWTC, Green Bay. Also completed the stone setting program through the New Approach School for Jewelers in Arrington, Tennessee. At my home/shop/studio we don’t have the expenses the “Big jewelry stores” have, so that reason you can save money with me, if that’s what you enjoy. From repair to purchasing new jewelry using the same catalogs the big jewelry stores use, again you can save, the markups are not the same. e-mail 920.558.5877

This jewelry repair thing began a long time ago while traveling. Was lucky enough to fly to exotic places like Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Counties in Europe, South America and last but not least beautiful North America. While in these locations, enjoying myself, I’d buy gifts of jewelry for my family, friends and retailers in Appleton. During numerous times home, working, preparing for my next adventure, those same family and business associates would mention that if I could supply them with more jewelry or my sisters would ask, “thanks for the beautiful ring but it does fit correctly, or I broke the necklace you gave me.” To solve these issues, eventually found the jewelry repair, fabrication and design classes at Green Bay NWTC.

Located in the Town of Freedom, serving Freedom, Neenah, Menasha, Appleton, the Fox Valley, and the surrounding areas.


I am so glad to have found this jeweler. A nice selection of new jewelry. Very reasonably priced. Repairs are done promptly and timely. Luella V, Freedom

Opals and a center diamond in 14K gold here at my home/workshop in Freedom.

Testimonial: Very happy with my ring repair!! Tory J, Kaukauna

Testimonial: Blue Stone Jewelry Repair did a nice job on my wedding ring prongs and polished my ring making it look like it did 47 years ago! Lee Griffin, Wrightstown


We have a full range of jewelry repair, big and small jobs at our home shop in the Town of Freedom. From cleaning and tightening to repairing breaks and resizing, our team can help you. The jewelry you will see in this website are pieces found traveling..don’t give out our address to just anyone so call so we can make a time to meet. 920.558.5877 call now with your question.

Amber pendants in sterling silver collection from Tuson, Arizona at our shop/studio in Freedom, WI

#JV683 Lemon Topaz and white zircon (size 8) #JV737 Pink Topaz and white zircon (size 7)
Two of many unique one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry here at our repair shop/studio in the Town of Freedom

Our Promise

Every client with the utmost honesty and care. Integrity and loyalty are at the forefront of our values. We want our customers to feel the same pride when wearing our pieces, that we do in curating them.

We have the same catalogues for you that the large jewelry companies use, but not at the same markups.

My workshop/studio is at home in the Town of Freedom where my expenses are minimal, and for those reasons you save money as well. Call now or whenever with any question. Located is the Town of Freedom the number is 920.558.5877 we don’t give the address out to just anyone.

You’re welcome to see my studio/workshop to possibly leave something for me to repair or clean it while you wait at no charge or will pick up your item and deliver it back to you when finished if preferred.

“Leaving jewelry behind to be repaired is unnerving for most people. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sentimental piece of jewelry, of little value, or an expensive item, a simple repair or an extensive service. It’s stressful for a customer to be separated from their jewelry.” Your jewelry will be in a safe when not being cared for.

I have references available upon request. Please see my reviews throughout my website as well as on my Google business profile.

Why Shop at Blue Stone Jewelry Repair

Why Shop or Repair at Blue Stone 920.558.5877 Town of Freedom, Wisconsin – Reasons to buy from an Independent Jeweler

A Neighbor You Can Trust
Buying jewelry is all about trust. You can trust us because we are an active part of your community. We support local charities and volunteer our time to support local causes. We are here for you and your neighbors and will serve you above and beyond what a corporate business would because we know that word of mouth is the lifeblood of a local business. Make sure when you have a good experience, you tell your friends too!

Growing With You
You may want to upgrade an engagement ring or buy a second wedding band.  Our relationship with you will last a lifetime. In fact, for many families, it stretches for generations.

Individual Style
In a world where mass production and volume retail is becoming more common, many people settle for cookie-cutter jewelry.  Volume retailers order every style by the thousands. But when you buy from us, you can choose styles that have been hand selected just for your individual taste. You will receive individual service that you can never get from a huge corporation that buys in bulk for all its stores.

Not Just a Face in the Crowd
You are important to us: as a friend, a neighbor, and an individual, not just another face in the crowd.  We will remember which style your spouse tried on during a recent visit.  And we will help you build a wardrobe that works: we can suggest some earrings to match a necklace you bought last year.  When you take a big step in your life, like getting engaged or celebrating the birth of a child, we understand how important it is to make the moment match the emotion and can help you personalize your purchase.

Care & Cleaning
Not only do we care about you, but we care about your jewelry too! Cleaning rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings keeps them beautiful.  Bring in your rings every six months to have the prongs checked to make sure that you never lose a gemstone.  We offer this as a free service to customers.  When your jewelry looks good, we look good too!  Only a local jeweler cares to make sure that your jewelry stays beautiful forever…

Professional Advice
When you buy at a chain store or a mass merchant, the person behind the counter might have sold auto parts or ice cream the week before.  When you buy from us, you will get good advice from a professional, someone who eats, breathes and sleeps jewelry. We have gemological training, travel to trade shows and seminars and learn all about the products we offer. We can help you be an educated buyer and choose the jewelry that is just right for your lifestyle.

Attention to Detail
We personally select each piece of jewelry and gemstone in our cases.  We don’t sell jewelry from some central warehouse. Since we sell only what we ourselves carefully select, we have unrivalled quality control.  Since we care enough to look carefully at every jewelry piece before buying it, shouldn’t you? If you buy from a website or from TV, the piece you receive may not be what you are expecting. At our store you can compare different pieces side by side, see the difference diamond qualities make, and also try on jewelry before you buy.

Designs of Your Dreams
If you’re not getting what you want, we can find it or make it for you. If it’s something simple, you might find it in the catalogs from our preferred suppliers and it can be special ordered for you. And we also offer custom jewelry, with your choice of design and gemstones. You can remake an old piece that you don’t wear or make your jewelry design a reality; it’s up to you.

All jewelry will be locked in a safe, when not being cared for plus, a security camera is in place.

Blue Stone Jewelry Repair & Sales in The Town of Freedom

Locations We Serve:

Blue Stone Jewelry Repair & Sales serves Greenbay the Fox Valley area, including Appleton, Freedom, Kaukauna, Little Chute, Kimberly, Wrightstown, Seymour, Oneida, & De Pere, Wisconsin.

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