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Home » Blue Stone Jewelry Repair, new jewelry in a myriad of styles that will make an agelast smile. See our heartwarming gifts.

Blue Stone Jewelry Repair, new jewelry in a myriad of styles that will make an agelast smile. See our heartwarming gifts.

Jewelry cleaning like no other!

Blue Stone Jewelry repair professional jewelry cleaning is deep ultrasonic cleaning and finishing. It vibrates all the embedded particles of dirt residue from the piece. Then the piece is polished and finished with a high polish or a specialized finish. 

Jewelry Repair at Blue Stone Jewelry offers various jewelry repair services. 920.558.5877 check below…… I do those small jobs, repairs that my competitors don’t need to bother with because of cost. I don’t care if it’s a simple repair or adjustment even to that the profit could be minimal.

Ring resizing.

Pendant, Chain and Necklace Repairs

Ring Repairs

Stone Replacement

Bracelet Repairs

Chain links Do you have a tangled chain? I can untangle almost any chain.

Clasps, Box clasps, trigger clasps, barrel clasp, spring ring clasp, and lobster clasps 

Soldering broken link chains 

Chain adjustments

Jump ring repairs

Pearl restringing

Bead restringing

Chain cleaning 

Pendant adjustments 

Bail replacements and repair 

Chain untangling 


Rhodium Plating

Diamond studs can brighten your appearance, drawing attention to your face with glittering stones. From round cuts to uncommonly seen diamond shapes, our inventory of these earrings will have the perfect pair for you or a loved one. For a streamlined browsing experience, we’ve categorized our diamond studs by price, shape, and quality. We also have a section dedicated to our diamond stud specials, so you can browse our featured pairs all in one place.

Diamond quality is a very crucial element to many, while not so much to others. This relates to the color and clarity of each diamond. Searching by quality will allow you to browse our promotional, standard, high-grade, and certified earrings. Our promotional and classic diamond stud earrings will offer you the best value for beautiful, quality stones. They provide a fantastic shimmer and rank well in clarity. Plus, these collections offer the most extensive selection. The high-grade earrings are our best diamond studs, with excellent color and clarity grades. While more expensive, these have a more enhanced sparkle and clearness with the naked eye. Our certified offerings have been graded by either EGL USA or GIA (Gemological Institute of America). This certification will be given to you as proof of your diamonds’ grading.

Diamond studs can be a wonderful gift for a loved one or yourself! We guarantee they’ll be gorgeous no matter your style or quality. If you have questions about our diamond studs, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will be glad to assist you, make an appointment, book online, or call us at 920.558.5877

Gemstone Engagement Rings

In vibrant colors and stunning cuts, our curated collection of colored gemstone engagement rings are a distinctive way to celebrate your love. Each and every gemstone waiting to be set is responsibly sourced with meticulous attention to quality. Offered in all colors of the rainbow, our gemstone engagement rings range from moody, royal blue to bright, fiery red and everything in between, allowing for a truly unique final design.

Pairing a fabulous gemstone with the right setting is an imperative step in the creation of your gemstone engagement ring. Choose from an expansive collection of gemstones ring settings that range in style from simple solitaires to luxurious halos. The perfect gemstone engagement rings reflect your one-of-a-kind love story, are made to be loved for a lifetime, and should be passed down for generations to come. Contact Blue Stone Jewelry at 920.558.5877