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Here at Blue Stone Jewelry repair, a home shop/studio in the Town of Freedom, we understand how important your jewelry is to you. Each piece represents a treasured memory that can be passed down through the generations. Please understand that we don’t give out our address to anyone. We live and work at home because of the expenses saved we can pass the savings on to our customers. Call 920.558.5877 or email =

It’s not unusual to have a ring resized every now and then. Sometimes you get a ring that doesn’t fit correctly, or your ring size shifts due to weight changes. Whatever the reason, it’s essential to make sure rings, especially particularly sentimental or valuable ones, fit well. Be it a wedding band or a fashion ring, make sure to bring it to a professional jeweler like Blue Stone Jewelry Repair in Freedom, WI 920.558.5877 to get it resized. It’s essential to find a jewelry store with the skills and experience you can trust to handle your luxurious, valuable jewelry. Let’s make plan to meet ether at our shop in the Town of Freedom or almost any other location that’s covenant for you.


Fingers are like snowflakes: each one is unique and special. Not only does this relate to fingerprints, but also ring size. Every finger has a different circumference, even when compared to its counterpart on the other hand. When a ring is too tight, it can cut off circulation. This can lead to discomfort and a plethora of health effects, including nerve damage. If the ring is too loose, it can fall off. Losing a valuable, sentimental piece of jewelry because you forgot to take it to a jeweler is a tragedy beyond repair.

As part of our commitment to you as a client, Blue Stone Jewelry Repair offers an extensive jewelry repair service to keep your treasures shining for decades. We’re pleased to employ two full-time repair professionals who benefit from cutting-edge workshops in which we’ve invested. With skilled craftspeople and advanced technology at our disposal, you can be sure that Blue Stone Jewelry Repair has the ability to repair virtually any type of jewelry.


Experts suggest that you should get your jewelry cleaned and maintained at least once a year, twice if possible. But when it comes to choosing a local jeweler to do cleaning and repairs, you don’t have to settle for handing your heirlooms off to just anybody!

We’ll work to assist you with services such as:

Ring sizing, rhodium plating for white gold, link soldering clasp, bracelet repair, prongs and channel repair, pearl restringing, stone replacement, resetting stones, metal and gemstone polishing, jewelry cleaning, tightening loose settings and those tedious jobs like a knotted chain and small link chain that gets knotted is a challenge to unknot some people like me enjoy this task.


Precious Stone Replacement

Missing a diamond or gemstone? Let me match and replace your missing stone in any precious metal setting using only AAA quality-colored stones and guaranteed best diamonds prices. Again, our diamonds and gemstone prices are the best in the Valley!

Prong Replacement

Are you missing a prong or it’s worn down and want to secure the diamond or gemstone? (Prongs are what holds a stone safe.) Have it inspected under magnification by me, and I will notify you of any worn, cracked, or missing prongs and repair them. You can check the prongs holding the ring as well. If you can’t see it well, use a magnifying glass. Using a side view, the prongs holding the stone should be rounded on top. The flatter or thinner the prong gets, the risk of losing the stone increases. Beware don’t pay too much for this service get a quote from your local jewelry repair retailer then get my quote at, you could be pleasantly surprised. 920.558.5877

I go to John every time. He’s kind and takes the best care of all my pieces.” Sam W. Seymour, WI

I can’t trust anyone else but him!” Rhonda W. Appleton, WI

John has provided me with some fabulous rings and did an excellent personal designed ring for my 65th birthday. Judy V. Appleton

Just wanted to say thank you, for the great job you did for us in retipping the rings prongs, soldering the two rings together and sizing our engagement ring and wedding band. They look beautiful, my better half is very happy. Thanks again, Dan and Lori Appleton

I have taken my jewelry to John for years to enlarge my rings, fix the crowns that hold in the stones on my rings and cleaning. His prices are very reasonable and fair. He has always been able to get my jewelry back in a short amount of time. I would recommend his service to anyone. Excellent service. Jeanette N. Oneida, WI


Necklace & Bracelet Repairs

Is your favorite necklace or bracelet sitting on a drawer, because it’s broken or doesn’t feel secure? Let me inspect the item at our shop in the Town of Freedom and repair any worn or broken parts to ensure its integrity. I see many necklaces and bracelets that have the wrong clasp on them, they’re too small, making it a challenge to simply attach them.

Jewelry Cleaning & Polishing

Most jewelry cleaning and polishing is available for no charge.

Lost Wax Casting is available.

The lost wax casting process in 8 steps. The basic lost wax casting process involves creating a pattern and a mold, then pouring molten metal into a mold. You will then extract the solid metal casting and finish your piece. This process is customizable for different types of metal casting, along with shapes, sizes, and more. Do check my gallery of unique pieces of jewelry I’m offering. “The seahorse below was cast, and rhodium plated by us from carved wax.”

Locations We Serve:

Blue Stone Jewelry Repair & Sales in the Town of Freedom (home shop and studio) serves the Fox Valley area, including Appleton, Freedom, Kaukauna, Little Chute, Kimberly, Wrightstown, Seymour, Oneida, & De Pere.