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Jewelry Repair Pricing

Ring Sizing

Ring Sizing (Up to 3mm wide shank) $60.
More gold used the more the cost for the repair…. offering quality work while being affordable and reliable, so call or text with your question for jewelry repairs and ring sizing. 920.558.5877 Pickup and Delivery back to you is a service that’s gaining in popularity. Welcome to my workshop/studio to see the operation, plus find new one-of-a-kind jewelry gifts. Are you tired of paying brain surgery prices for jewelry repairs at those big jewelry stores? Get their quote then contact me.
Smallerbase cost = ladies, men’s $50
One Size Largerladies & men $60 & $70 one size up, up to 3mm shank,
wider and thicker the shank the more gold is needed.

Each Additional Size upladies $20 men $25 $30$15

Additional charge for wider or patterned bands. Call blue stone jewelry with your question at 920.558.5877

Straighten Ring & Finish$45 $45$25
Half Shank Replacement up to 3mm $175
3mm-6mm $275
6mm and up $375
3/4 Shankup to 3mm $225
3mm- $325
6mm- 450
Solder Crack in Ring454520
Solder Rings Together757545
Remove and Solder in Head7070
Cut Two Rings Apart80 cut three rings apart $100
Diamond & Gemstone Tightening25
Stone Setting Cost
Stone SizesRound StonesFancy Shapes (marquise, emerald, cushion, baguette, princess, pear etc.)
0.01 – 0.25 caret$25$40
0.26 – 0.50 caret 7590
0.51 – 0.75 caret 90100
0.76 – 1.00 caret110125
1.01 – 1.25 caret 130150
1.26 – 1.50 caret150180
1.51 – 2 caret 180200

Reasonable Prong Conditioning (Prongs are one way to hold stones secure.)

When a worn prong finally breaks off, you will eventually lose your stone, costing you needless cash.
Prong Repair 14kt18kt
Retipping$40 each extra tip $20$50
Full Prong$50 each extra prong $25$60
Those smaller fixes below.

Solder chain (basic) Do you have a tangled chain? Boy, I can untangle any chain, will even show you how!
Solder chain (rope and fancy etc.,) 25
New Lobster Clasps put in.Small $45large $65
Jump RingsSmall 20large 25
End Tagsmall 20large 25
BailSmall 25large 35
Earring Post20
Spring RingsSmall 25large 35
Earring Nut15 & up
Rhodium/Palladium and Gold Plating available. $25
Tighten Stones$20
Solder in Head (A head is where the stone is set in.)$50


Battery Replacement
Watch band link added or removed.
$20 for the life of the watch, can you believe that?
Contact me with your question 920.558.5877 or

  • Hinged rings designed for arthritic fingers can be slipped on and then closed securely.

All sizing, retipping, and setting jobs include refinishing, polishing, and tightening of stones.

Head Styles

Ring heads are the top portions of engagement rings that hold the center gemstone in place. There are many varieties, and it is important to choose the correct one. The head can be a big determinant in the overall look of the engagement ring.


A basket head holds the center stone in place with 4 or 6 prongs. Is has openings underneath that allow light to pass through. This creates more sparkle and keeps the stone set low, making it comfortable to wear. The basket style is versatile and can be paired with nearly any shape of gemstone and band style.


A trellis setting is similar to a basket style but the prong designs is woven downwards towards the shank of the ring. This creates an additional design element while maintaining the basket style which allows light to pass through and sparkle to be created. Typically round and princess shapes stones in a classic or solitaire style look best within the trellis style head.


A cathedral style head has archways on either side of the head that are left open. This lifts the head of the ring a little higher and enables light to pass through easily. This creates a lifted look, and draws more attention to the center stone. A cathedral head can be paired with a plain shank, or a shank adorned with diamonds. The cathedral style head is a popular choice for engagement rings.


A bezel setting has a center stone that is set fully flush within a metal enclosing. Metal surrounds the diameter of the center stone to create a secure hold. This creates a contemporary look with more metal than other ring styles. It can be a good option for those who want a very secure setting. Typically, bezel settings look best with princess or round styles and have a plain band without any diamonds.

Semi Bezel

A semi bezel ring style has two borders of metal that surround the gemstone on the left and right side. The metal holds the stone securely in place and the openings on the top and bottom allow light to pass through. This style also looks good with an oval or round center stone.


A halo head holds the center stone and has accent diamonds that encircle the full diameter of the stone uniformly. These diamond accents are smaller than the center stone and add a layer of sparkle to the ring. They also make the center stone look larger. Halo settings look beautiful with all center shapes and are among the most popular for engagement rings.

Three Stone

A three stone ring has a central larger stone flanked by two smaller stones on either side. The side stones can be of different varieties, the same variety and slightly smaller or the same in size. A three stone setting has sentimental value as it represents the past, future and present of the couple. It is also a great ring style to commemorate an anniversary. A three stone ring can have a plain band or one that is accented with diamonds. The head can be a classic basket, bezel or trellis style. Typically, round, princess diamonds look great in this style.

Colored, fracture-filled, heat-sensitive and clarity-enhanced stones MUST be removed to be retipped. Blue Stone Jewelry is not liable for any colored, fractured-filled, heat sensitive or clarity-enhanced stones if you request
not to be removed. In some cases, full prongs may be required to reset stones.

Setting Stones

Some fractured-filled stones, diamonds, and gemstones are a risk to be set. Therefore, Blue Stone Jewelry is not liable for any stones that may break due to their hardness, inclusions that may or may not break the surface, chipped, feathers, or any other damages.

Necklace & Bracelet Chain Repairs

Ring, Necklace, Bracelet Cleaning

Is the colored stone or pearls in your ring or necklace dull, worn down beyond recognition?
I can polish it, back to its natural condition.

Blue Stone Jewelry & Repair is dedicated to your satisfaction! These two pendants were found in Thailand.

Locations We Serve:

Blue Stone Jewelry Repair & Sales serves the Fox Valley area, including Appleton, Freedom, Kaukauna, Little Chute, Kimberly, Wrightstown, Seymour, Oneida, & De Pere.

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